Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Mission: The Virginia School Plant Management Association supports school facility professionals and K-12 educational environments.

Vision: The Virginia School Plant Management Association is a vehicle for collaboration between school facility professionals to create optimal student learning environments

Strategic GoalsStrategic ObjectivesAction PlansPerformance Measures/KPI's
Promote the continuing education of school facility professionalsIdentify formal training opportunities1) Board member outreach to local community colleges/ colleges
2) Identify key components for facility managers
3) Board member outreach to a third party
*Report on outreach to organizations (October 2018) Prof Dev. Chair *Third party recommended curriculum *Board approved curriculum framework
Provide an educational forum1) Convene VSPMA conference
2) Webinars
3) Regional site based training
* State Conference (conf. planner/committee)
* Regional meetings
Strengthen the exchange of information between school facility professionalsIncrease participation in VSPMA events1) Create and maintain a statewide database
2) Collaborate with the VDOE for Superintendent’s memos
3) Communicate state events, training, and trends
*Update contact list of all state school facility directors/mangers
(vendor rep/February 2019) *Communicate with VDOE support services (June/Sept 2019) conf. planner
* VSPMA board monthly: through emails, webpage, and Regonline
Maintain financial solvencyPromote VSPMA Membership1) Maintain a statewide database
2) Regional events
3) Annual conference
4) Create a mechanism for membership enrollment
* Update contact list of all state school facility directors or managers (vendor rep/registrar-February 2019
*Regional chairs and vendor sponsors (monthly)
*Increased attendance through VSPMA conference
*Increase membership
Strategic GoalsStrategic ObjectivesAction PlansPerformance Measures/KPI's
Fund VSPMA student scholarships1) Sponsors
2) Activities
* Solicit business and community sponsors (scholarship committee/monthly report) *VSPMA Conference (vendor /conference committee)
*Spring fundraiser (VSPMA-May 2020)
Enhance relationships with business communityPromote a full time VSPMA Director of Operations*Establish job description Jan. 2019 *Board approval April 2019 *Appointment (VSPMA Executive Board- July 2019)
Promote understanding of industry trends through business sponsorsFacilitate exchange of information between school facility professionals and facility oriented vendors1) Host a vendor tradeshow at VSPMA conference
2) Host vendor sponsored regional and state events
3) Breakout/learning sessions at VSPMA conference
4) Vendor and facility professionals discussion
5) Recognition of vendors
* VSPMA conference (vendor rep- annually)
* Vendor and regional reps at regional meetings
* Coordinate conference learning sessions for annual conference
* Vendor acknowledgement through the VSPMA webpage and annual conference
Assist school divisions in complying with local, state, and federal facility oriented mandatesDisseminate information on new mandates and provide guidance1) Email changes to existing mandates
2) Information presented at VSPMA conference
3) Industry solutions presented at VSPMA venues

* Disseminate information as enacted (VSPMA Board)
* Breakout/general session: new mandates and industry solutions (conference planner-annually)
* At local and regional events